Travel Insurance Benefits

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Travel Insurance Benefits

Travel insurance Benefits or travel insurance is a type of loss insurance that provides protection for someone while on a trip. This insurance is perfect for those of you who like to travel long distances by plane, both for business trips and holidays.

By protecting yourself with travel insurance, you no longer need to worry if unpleasant things happen while on a trip, such as a plane being late, lost or late baggage, pickpocketing, and when you have to be hospitalized.

Because, the insurance company will bear the financial losses that occur as a result of these unexpected things.

Generally, travel insurance is sold on insurance company sites, booking flight booking , or at airports.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Benefits

In several countries, travel insurance has become a mandatory requirement for visitors when applying for a visa, for example 25 countries that are members of the Schengen Visa. There are various benefits that you can get from travel insurance.

Medical protection

You will get medical benefits abroad, either in the form of reimbursement of medical expenses (hospital benefit) or daily cash compensation for hospitalization abroad (cash plan).

Emergency assistance

Facing problems in a foreign country is definitely not fun. Travel insurance provides emergency assistance if you encounter unpleasant unexpected things abroad. This emergency assistance includes medical evacuation, repatriation of bodies, and a 24-hour hotline emergency assistance

Accident benefits

If you have an accident abroad, travel insurance will provide accident compensation and permanent disability compensation.

Visit and care

benefits This benefit provides reimbursement of costs for a relative or family to live together or travel together if the customer is treated abroad.

Travel inconvenience

The risks that also lurk a person when traveling are the risk of damaged or lost goods, as well as flight delays. By having travel insurance, you will get protection for damage and loss of luggage, money, and documents lost during the trip, or injuries due to riots or terrorism.

Then, you will get compensation for flight and baggage delays, as well as protection for trip cancellations.

Home protection

Compensate for losses caused by a house fire and its contents when the customer travels.

Affordable premiums compared to the potential risk of greater loss

Travel insurance premiums are affordable when compared to the costs you incur for the trip itself. After all, compared to the potential losses that you can face if the risk occurs, travel insurance premiums are quite affordable. Travel insurance is sold to protect individuals and families. These premiums are paid once (single premium) or weekly. The amount of travel insurance premium is influenced by:

  • Age of the insured Coverage
  • period, up to a maximum of 183 days
  • Destination country
  • Benefit value chosen by the customer

If you are looking for travel insurance to accompany your trip, you can consider Allianz New Annual TravelPro, travel insurance from Allianz Indonesia which provides protection for customers aged 14 days to 84 years. With premiums starting from IDR 47,000 per person per week, customers will get a total benefit of up to 250%. protection is in the form of:

– Maximum travel period of 183 days

– Compensation for cancellation or shortening of the trip

– Compensation for loss and damage to baggage

– Compensation for flight and baggage delays with a waiting period starting from four hours

– Reimbursement of lost travel document processing fees

– Medical expense protection due to illness or accident with the cashless for hospitalization with conditions guaranteed in the policy

– Emergency evacuation services and repatriation of bodies

With the explanation above, I hope you now understand more about travel insurance. Whatever trip you are going to do, be it a business trip or traveling, make sure you are protected by having travel insurance. With travel insurance, peace of mind, more enjoyable trips.

Definition of International and Domestic Travel Insurance

To protect their customers while they are away from home, insurance companies offer international travel insurance. Countries outside of the Schengen Area (such as Japan, England, Korea, and the Philippines) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Plus (which includes Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines) are typically included in international travel insurance policies. Coverage for things like lost luggage, missed connections, medical emergencies, and more is typically more comprehensive with international travel insurance.

Domestic travel insurance is also a viable option for those in need of protection while on the road. Domestic travel insurance provides financial protection for policyholders during domestic journeys only, in this case within Indonesia. This type of domestic travel insurance is typically provided at no extra cost, or is built into the cost of the plane ticket. The benefits of domestic travel insurance typically take the form of minimal monetary compensation in the event of death or permanent disability as a result of an airplane or other transportation accident.

The Importance of Customers Having International Travel Insurance

Do flights on crucial aircraft warrant special protection from a travel insurance policy? There are always potential dangers in life, and that includes traveling.

Travel Insurance Benefits

A traveler or travelers should definitely have international travel insurance. A person planning a trip to Europe might find it useful to purchase travel insurance. This is due to the fact that proof of Schengen travel insurance is a visa application requirement.

However, international travel insurance is necessary not only for trips to Europe but for trips all over the world, including trips to Asia for the purposes of performing the Umrah and Hajj. What gives? The potential dangers that could arise anywhere and be covered by a travel insurance policy are going to be covered in the following section.

Protected Risks As Benefits of Travel Insurance

Various travel-related risks are covered by both domestic and international policies. The purpose of this type of insurance is, of course, to protect customers from financial loss should anything unforeseen happen to them while they are away from home.

Then, why is it a good idea to purchase a travel insurance policy? In general, international travel insurance will protect you from the following situations. However, it’s important to remember that the specific perks included in each travel insurance policy offered by a given company can vary.

Trip Cancellations and Delays

Delays and cancellations are a common part of traveling and nothing new. Obviously, this can result in costs for travelers, from wasted time to a negative effect on pre-purchased hotel rooms or other forms of lodging.

Customers who purchase travel insurance will, of course, gain peace of mind in the event of a flight delay or cancellation. If your flight is delayed or canceled and the airline is at fault, the insurance company will compensate you. According to the policy agreement in effect, monetary payments may be made as compensation.

Delay to Loss of Baggage

Having travel insurance can help you get money back if your bags are delayed or lost. If your bag gets lost or damaged and the airline is at fault, the insurance company will pay you. Payments are based on the agreed-upon travel insurance policy’s coverage limits, of course.

Accidents During Travel and Medical Evacuation

When you purchase travel insurance, you can get money back if your bags get lost or delayed. If an airline is negligent and causes you to lose or have your luggage damaged, the insurance company will pay you a settlement. The amount of compensation, of course, is determined by the stipulations of the agreed-upon travel insurance plan.

Death and Disability Benefit

In addition, if the insured is at risk of dying or becoming disabled as a result of an accident, the insurance company will compensate the insured’s loved ones with money. Thus, travel insurance still has the advantage of protecting against disability.

Medical Treatment Expenses

Medical expenses incurred during a trip are typically covered by a travel insurance policy. If you get sick or injured on your trip, you won’t have to worry about the high cost of medical care out of pocket thanks to this insurance.

Since the year 2020, several insurance companies have also offered Covid-19 international travel insurance benefits in response to pandemic concerns.

Emergency Travel Expenses

Some travel insurance policies will also reimburse the customer for any necessary emergency transportation back to their home city or country if they are already away.

Lost Passport

In the event that your passport is lost or stolen, you can also purchase international travel insurance that covers the cost of replacing your travel documents. If a customer loses their passport as a result of theft or some other unforeseeable event, the insurance company will compensate them. At the Indonesian embassy, the client will receive help applying for a new passport.

Riot Compensation

Coverage for riot-related losses is sometimes included in international travel insurance. Simply put, we have no way of knowing what will happen when we visit a new place.

Legal Fees

Even when visiting a foreign country, visitors are still vulnerable to lawsuits filed by third parties. Which is to say, there’s always the chance that we’ll hurt somebody or wreck somebody else’s stuff by accident. Some forms of travel insurance include protection against this possibility, with the insurer shouldering any associated legal costs.

Additional Coverage (Rider) and Other Risks that are Harmful During the Trip

In addition to these threats, customers can purchase additional coverage for a fee that travel insurance typically doesn’t include. There are a variety of optional add-ons and riders available, covering everything from extreme sports to credit card fraud to preexisting conditions to war risks.

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